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We tell stories of our social history through

various art forms and media.

We focus on researching and recounting

the stories of those who have stood up for

social justice and political representation.

'Rebellious Women' event Poole March 2017 
Clubmen 1645 event May 2016 Badbury Rings


Every generation has its own struggles for social justice and political representation and the energy

to continue resisting  oppression is passed 

down through the years.

These stories are not abstract historical events.

By keeping the memories alive, it informs us what we do now and will inform what we do

in the future.  Retro IT Ain't!

 Retro IT Ain't! tell these stories using theatre, singing, poetry, spoken word, book readings, art, conversation and much more.

If you are a practising artist and would like to be involved with one of our projects,  we would love to hear from you.

Dorsetshire Clubmen1645 Map by Stewart Macarthur

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