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Ongoing in 2023...


We continue to walk the ancient ridge-ways of Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire and visit the places clubmen met to shoot short videos on location to expand the Clubmen1645 story.

Haydn has put all the information he has accumulated to date into a wonderfully informative book: Clubmen1645, neutralism in a revolution. This can be purchased through the shop on this site.

Artist Stewart MacArthur has created a fascinating new piece of artwork for the project called 'In a Rut' that

will be touring the west country. Watch this space for info.

Prints & cards of the painting can be

purchased through this site. 

To find out more go to

Copies of the  Clubmen1645 Dorsetshire Map

by local artist Stewart MacArthur 

are also available for sale through this website...

Henry Irwin Jenkinson.

We will continue to promote the life and work of Henry Irwin Jenkinson and in particular his role in the right of the public to roam the countryside. Enclosure of land being an ongoing issue.

On the road...

This year Retro IT Ain't! hopes to be present at various events around the West Country in order

to promote our latest projects. 

Look out for updates on

social media.

Retro IT Ain't! stall
We also have these mugs:
Thomas Young,  the Orator of Badbury 'A man more Eloquent than Trustworthy'

plus: CLVBMEN1645

t-shirts, badges and tote bags. Go to the shop on the toolbar.

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