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A Celebration of the

Latrigg Fell Mass Trespass of 1887

Keswick, Cumbria

on Sunday 29th September 2024

For greater recognition of this noteworthy event we will be following in the footsteps of those Victorian defenders of our right to roam the open countryside. On the walk will be Sheila Wiggins, a descendant of Henry Irwin Jenkinson, one of the leaders of the Keswick Trespasses of 1887.

10.30am: Meet at the Jenkinson gates Fitz Park opposite the Keswick Museum

11.00am: Walk to the base of Spooney Green Lane for a short talk

11.30am: March to the summit of Latrigg Fell for a photo shoot

On 1st October 1887 an estimated 2500 people walked to the top of Latrigg fell as an act of mass trespass, an event organised by the Keswick Footpath Preservation Association. The court case that followed resulted in a ruling that acknowledged the right of the generality to access this uncultivated mountain top in perpetuity. A victory to celebrate!


If you are joining us on the walk you do so at your own risk.

Please wear the appropriate clothing and footwear for fell walking

and bring with you a drink and snack to keep your energy up.

The short 15 minute walk from the gates to the base of Spooney Green Lane is on even ground and has a slight incline. The footpath to the summit of Latrigg Fell is steep in places and is uneven terrain.  Approx 1000ft/300m ascent and 3 mile round trip.

Henry Irwin Jenkinson.

We are very pleased to announce that a printed booklet telling the story of the Latrigg Fell Mass Trespass of 1887, and Jenkinson's role in this episode of our social history, is now available through this website. Please click on the shop button to purchase

Latrigg Fell Mass Trespass booklet.jpg

Meanwhile, we continue to walk the ancient ridge-ways of Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire and visit the places clubmen met to shoot short videos on location to expand the Clubmen1645 story.

Haydn has put all the information he has accumulated to date into a wonderfully informative book: Clubmen1645, neutralism in a revolution that can be purchased through the shop on this site.

To find out more about the Clubmen go to

Artist Stewart MacArthur has created a fascinating piece of artwork for the project called

'In a Rut' that features all the main characters in the Clubmen story.

Prints & cards of the painting can be purchased through this site. 

Also available for sale are copies of the

Clubmen1645 Dorsetshire Map also by local artist Stewart MacArthur t-shirts, badges and tea towels. Go to the shop on the toolbar.

In a Rut  painting 2019 Stewart and Haydn
'In A Rut' painting 2019
Clubmen1645 tea towel.jpg
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