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The Rebellious Women Scratch Choir

led by Ali Sharpe.

Rebellious Women

When the time comes we shall be putting together an afternoon's celebration of inspirational women of have challenged the prevailing narrative of the day and pushed for a more equitable and just

society for all. 

You can go to our gallery to see photos from past events.



Rebellious Women event **POSTPONED**

So it looks as if 2021 will be another year of not being able to organise events, so no RebelliousWomen this spring (boo!)

We prefer to wait until we can

gather safely and comfortably indoors before going ahead, which involves venues fully reopening.

Looking forward to the time when we

can actually meet our friends and supporters in person again.

Watch this space for updates.

Rebellious Women 2019 Artist Stewart Mac
Rebellious Women 2017 Poole, Dorset Skin
Rebellious Women 2019 Nawar Saadi poet,

I2019 local poet Nawar Saadi


Throughout 2021 we are walking the ancient ridge-ways of Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire and visiting  the places clubmen met to shoot short videos on location to expand the Clubmen1645 story.

Artist Stewart MacArthur has created a fascinating new piece of artwork for the project called 'In a Rut' that

will be touring the west country. Watch this space for info.

Prints & cards of the painting can be

purchased through this site. 

To find out more go to www.clubmen1645.com

Copies of the  Clubmen1645 Dorsetshire Map

by local artist Stewart MacArthur 

are also available for sale through this website...

On the road...

When venues reopen Retro IT Ain't!  will be having stalls at various events around the West Country 

to promote our latest projects. 

Look out for updates on

social media.

Retro IT Ain't! stall
We also have these mugs:
Thomas Young,  the Orator of Badbury 'A man more Eloquent than Trustworthy'

plus: CLVBMEN1645

t-shirts, badges and tote bags. Go to the shop on the toolbar.